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Thank you very much!
With your help, we can now get started:

More than 225,000 euros in support have been received so far

Thanks to the donators (*):

  • SOLYCO Solar AG (15,000 euros)
  • halm elektronik GmbH (50,000 euros)
  • Crescere Foundation Lake Constance (50,000 euros)
  • RCT Holding GmbH (55,000 euros)
  • Private donors (2,000 euros)
  • Other donations (3,500 euros)
  • Energy transition pioneer and entrepreneur Matthias Willenbacher (50,000 euros)

An encouraging start – we look forward to many more supporters!

(*) in chronological order

Existing and new institute buildings from satellite images with the construction phases: Construction phase 0 from March 2024 and construction phase 1 from early 2025

This is what we plan to do – with the help of our private and corporate donors:

Planning: 2024 (construction phase 0):

  • We were already able to acquire the neighboring property in 2023
  • Thanks to the donations, we can start right away(*):
  • We are upgrading the existing hall so that it can be used for laboratories, with the necessary infrastructure
  • In summer 2024, the printing room, part of the module lab and the systems lab can be housed in the hall.
  • Then we can finally start to renovate and expand the existing laboratory

2024 (construction phase 1): New laboratory building on the eastern part of the new site

2026 (construction phase 2): New construction of laboratory and training center

(*) as soon as planning permission is granted

Rudolf Harney
Projektleiter Fundraising
Tel.: +49-7531-36183-25


Dr. Radovan Kopeček
Vorstand, Geschäftsführer
Tel.: +49-7531-36183-22