Logo ISC

Mission – research for a sunny future

To achieve a sunny future, we need to set the course for it in the present. Through our research work, we are doing just that – making the case for clean solar energy and thus advancing decarbonisation and furthering the energy transition:

  • We set global standards with our research for industrial applications.
  • We develop highly efficient solar cells, modules, and systems for industrial production.
  • Our innovations help our customers to build profitable business models.
  • We promote young talents of all nations – because they are the turnaround drivers of tomorrow.
  • We share our know-how and promote international cooperation.
  • With humanitarian projects, we also bring solar energy to countries in the global South.
  • With our Gender Equity Plan, the ISC Konstanz is actively working on gender equality.

Vision – a sunny future is real

Clean solar energy for all! Photovoltaics has caught on for good reason: not least because solar power is readily available and affordable around the globe, even in less developed countries.

USP – We are a speedboat

Those who are not out to make a profit can devote themselves to the cause without any ifs or buts. We are an association, and that is a huge advantage to our cause. Because it makes us a “speedboat”. At least that’s how Fraunhofer ISE, the largest solar energy research institute in Europe, described us. To put it another way: with us, you get there quickly thanks to a pragmatic approach to R&D, practical and targeted investigations, and useful, actionable results.


  • With unconventional ideas and approaches, we get prototypes off the ground quickly.
  • We work cost-effectively while still delivering outstanding quality.
  • We combine science with practical relevance and industrial demands.
  • Our organisation is small, agile, flexible, and full of intrinsically motivated staff.
  • We have great networks with research, industry, and politics.