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“Converting sunlight into electricity is the most important technology of the future for mankind”
– Hermann Scheer (2010)

“Centrotherm and ISC Konstanz are linked by a long-standing and constructive research partnership, which we will continue in the future with a view to further reducing the costs of photovoltaics as a regenerative energy source.”

Dr. Haverkamp

CTO, Centrotherm

“We have a long-term and fruitful cooperation with ISC Konstanz. It was a pleasure to produce the very first ZEBRA modules in our Eurolab. We believe that these back contact modules will have a bright future and will soon be implemented into the market on large scale. As Eurotron, we enjoy implementing this exiting technology to the European market.”

Bram Verschoor

CCO, Eurotron BV

“ISC Konstanz supports us with development of PV devices for aerospace and remote power applications. We are very satisfied with the fast, reliable and good work of ISC.”

Dr. Murat Okandan

CTO and founder, mPower Technology Inc.

“Our cooperation with ISC Konstanz through IPVF is very fruitful and resulting in fast progress in the development of industrial devices.”

Dr. Lars Oberbeck

Expert Solar Technologies, Total S.A.