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Domestic development policy work in the Constance/ Zollernalb/ Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg region

ISC Konstanz e.V. is the responsible body for the One World Promoter Office for the region of the districts of Konstanz, Tuttlingen, Rottweil, Schwarzwald-Baar and Zollernalb. This is one of eight regional promoter offices in Baden-Württemberg that strengthen knowledge and competence in ecological, social and economic sustainability and promote political participation as well as civil society commitment.​



The core task of the regional promoter is the


  • information, counselling, and professionalization of local One World and sustainability initiatives
  • networking of civil society, business, and municipalities for joint action with regard to globally just and sustainable development, as well as the
  • strengthening political and civil participation through campaigns and actions.

Focii of the regional promoter:

Global learning and education for sustainable development – dissemination of the pedagogical concept, provision of teaching materials and training courses for multipliers, cooperation with schools, extracurricular venues and kindergartens, networking and professionalisation of initiatives, educational work in the Constance Solar Learning Workshop (Konstanzer Solaren Lernwerkstatt, KonSoLe).

International partnerships – initiating and promoting projects and cooperation with countries of the Global South.

On the topic of climate justice, citizens, and municipalities are to be sensitized to the issues of earth overload and global responsibility in the consumption of resources.

Indigenous Peoples – Raising awareness and actions for the land and collective rights of indigenous peoples worldwide, initiating Indigenous Climate Partnerships for communities and educational institutions. 

Fair global economy – supporting campaigns for a good life for all worldwide, raising awareness for fair global trade and fair supply chains.

Sustainable and ethical agriculture – campaigns for species-appropriate animal husbandry and sustainable land use, raising awareness of the global connections between food and climate.​

Contact person:

Monika Sarkadi – Eine-Welt Regionalpromotorin