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ISC Konstanz offers you the possibility to have your modules measured under real irradiation and environmental conditions on one of our outdoor measurement stands in Konstanz. The final measurement report contains all collected measurement data as well as specific graphical evaluations.

The modules are usually measured over a period of 2-3 months in order to collect an evaluable amount of measurement data. Longer measurements, e.g. over a whole year, are of course possible.

The ISC uses measuring equipment from Papendorf Software Engineering GmbH, which can be used to measure entire strings with up to 9 modules as well as individual modules. The measuring stand is variably adjustable with regard to module size, row spacing, floor height & angle. Thus, different configurations (e.g. of a solar park) can be simulated.

The measurement report generated by ISC contains the following graphical evaluations in addition to the measurement data:

  • Performance data under STC (Standard Test Condition) by initial measurements in our laboratory
  • Evaluation of environmental influences (temperatures, irradiation, etc.) over the measurement period
  • Total & specific energy yield
  • Power at different irradiation conditions, especially low light conditions
  • Power at different outdoor temperatures (temperature dependence of the modules)
  • Average daily power profile
  • PV characteristics at different irradiation values (only for individual modules)
  • Degradation behavior by final measurements under STC in our laboratory
  • All collected measurement data

Further evaluations can also be provided upon request.

It may be useful to accompany your measurement campaign with analyses in our well-equipped laboratory (cf.  https://isc-konstanz.de/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/07-ISC_Einleger_Modules-Services_Fin_Web.pdf). Feel free to contact us, together we will develop the optimal analysis for your concern.

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