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ISC Konstanz e.V.: For a sunny future.

What does ISC Konstanz stand for?

Since its founding in 2005, ISC Konstanz has been pursuing one goal as a non-profit associa-tion: advancing the energy transition. To this end, we research and develop highly efficient solar cells, modules and systems for industrial production. we are committed to the cause, not to profit. Then and today.

That is why ISC Konstanz needs your help.

In order to meet the increasing demand for optimized photovoltaic solutions, ISC Konstanz is planning an extension to the research center. We want to drive solar energy research in Germany forward unabated – but to do so, we need your help! After funding from the feder-al and state governments, we still need donations of 4 million euros. Please support us with your donation to make the energy transition a reality.

Donate property

We build the place where a livable tomorrow is created today:

To ensure that ongoing operations can continue uninterrupted during the construction work, a new building is planned on the neighboring property of the ISC Konstanz. Donate to purchase the land and build a new, fully functional and modern research center so that we can continue to work on strengthening Germany as a solar location and stopping climate change. For example, with 1,000 euros you finance a symbolic square meter of the new property.

Every contribution is valuable and brings us a little closer to our common goal.

Donate new building

We are building the place where the energy transition is becoming reality:

Good research needs good conditions. And we definitely want to create these with the ex-pansion of our research center. Join us in building and help equip our new building with your donation.

  • If we find 100 people who donate 500 euros each, we will be able to build and equip a new measurement room.
  • 100 donors who give 250 euros each will make one of the new offices possible

With every contribution, we drive the energy transition forward together.

Donate new machines

We are building the place where every step brings progress

Research is not only done on paper. The ISC Konstanz develops highly efficient solar cells, modules and systems for industrial production. To strengthen Germany as a solar location, we want to deliver the best photovoltaic solutions. With your donation, you help the ISC Konstanz to purchase necessary machines and thus drive progress.

Your machine donation is a decisive contribution to our common goal.

Online Donation

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Bank transfer

Of course you can also transfer your donation. Please use this account: DE23 4306 0967 7009 9157 00, GLS Bank
Reason for payment: Zukunft23-online

donation possibilities
for companies

Would you like to get involved in the energy transition with your company and as a team? This is how you can get involved. Info on corporate donations.

become a
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Your commitment pays off. We make your donation to ISC Konstanz visible. Learn more about support categories and our communication. Become a progress maker now.

You are still unsure how you would like to help ISC Konstanz?

We will talk to you about it! Contact.

Thank you for building with us!

Your donation brings us a big step further on the way to a more sustainable and better future. We sincerely thank you for any kind of support!


Our values

For transparency and building trust.
We set high standards for ourselves and our work.
Read what drives us, how we work what we want to achieve.


Will I receive a donation receipt?

As a supporter, you will receive a donation certificate from us – and of course a donation re-ceipt for submission to the tax office.

Are online donations secure?

Yes, we place the highest demands on security and data protection. The software we use to process your online donation is hosted in a German data center. Your sensitive donor data is transmitted exclusively via secure SSL encryption.

Can I also donate items?

Of course! We are happy to receive machine donations from industry. Please feel free to contact us.

How can I support the ISC permanently?

By setting up a permanent donation (e.g. 625 Euro per month for a Symbolic Building Block for the project duration of 24 months) or by becoming a multiplier for the ISC Konstanz and reporting about our work.

How can I change my personal data (address, bank details etc.)?

All you need to do is send an informal message to spenden@isc-konstanz.de or by mail to ISC Konstanz e.V., Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 15, 78467 Konstanz, Germany.

Are my data sufficiently protected?

Yes. The software for processing your data is hosted in a German data center according to German data protection laws. Your sensitive donor data is transmitted exclusively via secured SSL lines. This guarantees that the highest standards of security and data protec-tion are met.

What is my data used for?

We use your data to send you requested information and also to process your donations with the help of service providers. Our service providers also work strictly in accordance with German data protection regulations. Beyond that, we do not pass on your data to third parties.

What means of payment are available for donations?

Feel free to use the online donation form on our website and donate there paypal. Alterna-tively, you can of course transfer money directly to our donation account:
GLS Bank
DE23 4306 0967 7009 9157 00
Intended purpose: Zukunft23-online

(You can scan the QR code directly with your online banking app).

Why is the project not financed by the federal and/or state government?

We are not a public institute or university, so we do not receive basic funding from the public sector. However, the big advantage is our independence: we can act quickly and be-nefit from lean structures and uncomplicated decision-making processes. In a sense, we are the “speedboat” in solar energy research – which is why we are able to actually turn our in-dustry-oriented research into production. We also receive public funding to a limited extent – but it is project-related and therefore cannot be used for a new building or for the main-tenance and equipping of buildings.

Why can't the project be financed from the ISC's business activities?

Our business model is successful and has stood the test of time for 17 years, through all cri-ses. We cannot manage a project as large as the new construction of the ISC research cen-ter on our own, despite the stable foundations – not at the speed that is now necessary in the energy transition. We are investing in the future and in the livelihood of future genera-tions. This is such a large and important project that we need “co-investors” to shoulder it with us.

We are competing with institutes that are publicly funded – including the buildings they use. If we raise our prices too much to make the new research center financially possible, our prices will no longer be competitive with those of our competitors.

Why is solar research important in Germany?

The energy turnaround decided by politicians and important for achieving the 1.5 degree target is based on the massive conversion from fossil to sustainable energy sources, which also include solar energy. Photovoltaics, as the world’s cheapest source of energy, is very li-kely to attract more attention from politicians and society in the next few years. In parallel, technology imports from China are coming under increasing criticism for strategic and ethi-cal reasons. Last but not least, the dependence on Russia is leading to a rethinking in Ger-many towards the desire to make its own energy production as self-sufficient as possible.

Why is land so expensive?

In Constance, prices are generally rather high. However, it makes a lot of sense and is very efficient to build the new research center directly on the existing site. This way, the ISC avoids an interruption of operations, which would probably cause more costs and reduce the necessary project speed.

Your question is not included? Feel free to contact us!

Contact Persons:

Rudolf Harney
Project Manager Fundraising
Phone: +49-7531-36183-25


Dr. Radovan Kopeček
Board of Directors, Managing Director
Phone: +49-7531-36183-22