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ISC Konstanz also offers technology transfers of our developed cell and module technologies to customers. We are experienced in supporting our customers through the full process; from design, planning, and tendering, to running in the processes on site with our teams of experienced technologists.

Major examples of successful technology transfers are:

  • 2015 BiSoN technology to Megacell, Italy
  • 2017 BiSoN technology to adani, India
  • 2018 BiSoN technology to Asian customer
  • 2019 ZEBRA technology to SPIC, China
  • 2022 ZEBRA technology to valoe, Lithuania
  • 2023 PERC technology, India
  • 2023 TOPCon technology, India
  • ordered: 2025 poly ZEBRA technology to FuturaSun, Italy

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