Logo ISC

We are about the cause, not the profit.

As an association, we are not allowed to accumulate wealth for legal reasons, but we wouldn’t want to do that anyway. We would much rather reinvest our profits in R&D. In this way, we not only advance photovoltaics, but also maintain our status as a pioneer.

We are hard-core idealists.

The energy transition is coming! Together we will reduce CO₂ emissions to such an extent that climate change will be stopped. We not only believe in this ideal, we do everything that we can to get a little closer to this goal every day with our work. Despite the seriousness of the situation: we have a lot of fun doing it.

We are international.

The fact that ISC Konstanz has this special spirit is due to our fantastic team – consisting of colleagues from 20 different nations. What unites us all is our thirst for research, our curiosity about how we can become even better, and the courage to think differently. This also true of our projects, with partners from around 40 countries.

We act socially.

ISC Konstanz is only as successful as our employees are. We pay attention to nurturing a workplace that is characterised by a family-like atmosphere, and this is also reflected in our working conditions. There is also something else that is close to our hearts: our voluntary projects, with which we also bring solar power to countries in the global south.

We understand the courage to make mistakes as a strength.

Innovations are not accidents – they need fertile soil. The courage to make mistakes is an absolute must, as is a free-spirited, cheerful atmosphere. Only in this way can creativity and know-how give rise to cutting-edge technology that sets new trends – like our bifacial “ZEBRA” solar cell, which is now being deployed in industrial production worldwide.

We are a reliable partner.

It goes without saying, but we like to say it anyway: openness, transparency, and fair dealings based on trust are the prerequisites for successful business relationships and work processes. We keep to our contracts, agreements, and promises. We are very pleased that our partners do the same.