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“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win” – Mahatma Gandhi

Februar 2021

To keep our customers and partners even better up to date, our new website goes online


February 2021

Signing of two further ZEBRA technology transfers with Violet Power in Moses Lake (Washington State, USA) and with Insola on Mauritius

August 2020

ISC Konstanz develops the first own industrial solar cell with a voltage of over 700mV

June 2020

Futura Sun distributes ZEBRA modules in Europe

December 2019

The ZEBRA technology transfer to SPIC starts

September 2019

ZEBRA achieves efficiencies above 23% and voltage above 690mV

June 2018

Signing of the second technology transfer agreement for our ZEBRA technology with SPIC

April 2018

Signing of the first technology transfer agreement for our ZEBRA technology with Valoe

March 2018

Launch of the BiSoN Technology Transfer to Adani

January 2018

Start of the ATAMOSTEC project with the aim of establishing an institute for bifacial desert modules and systems in Chile: http://www.atamostec.cl/en/

January 2017

KonSoLe programme starts in Constance

April 2016

ISC Konstanz is a founding member of the German Network for Renewable Energies: http://www.forschungsnetzwerke-energie.de/erneuerbare-energien

December 2015

BiSoN solar cells with 21% produced at MegaCell

12. December 2015

Paris Climate Agreement (10 years after the founding of ISC Konstanz)

 End 2015

60-cell ZEBRA module with 300 Wp confirmed at ISE Cal Lab

July 2015

The world’s largest bifacial system with 2.5 MW is built in Chile with BiSoN modules

July 2014

ISC Konstanz opens smart grid laboratory on the former site of the Oberschwabenkaserne in the district of Sigmaringen

June 2014

Signing of the first technology transfer agreement for our BiSoN technology with MegaCell

February 2014

Award by UNESCO for our student project in Ghana

February 2014

BiSoN achieves an efficiency of over 21%

April 2012

Start of the bifiPV workshop series in Constance

Beginning 2012

ZEBRA achieves an efficiency of over 21%

March 2011

Topping-out ceremony at ISC Konstanz for the office building extension

January 2011

Start of the nPV workshop series in Constance

December 2010

First doctorate at ISC Konstanz: Roman Petres receives his doctorate after an examination at the University of Konstanz. He wrote his doctoral thesis partly at the ISC Konstanz and partly at the University of Konstanz.

November 2010

First small screen-printed IBC cell with >20% produced in EU-funded LIMA project

April 2010

First modules produced at ISC Konstanz

February 2010

18.5% efficiency achieved

December 2007

First solar cell with 15% efficiency

September 2007

Opening ceremony with guests from research, business, and politics

August 2007

First plants from Centrotherm, Baccini, and RENA to be connected

12. December 2005

Foundation of ISC Konstanz e.V.

 Gründung des ISC Konstanz e.V.