RCT wants to keep the development of cutting-edge technology in the region

and is supporting our extension building with this donation.

Dr. Peter Fath (RCT Holding), Dr. Radovan Kopecek and Dr. Kristian Peter (both ISC Konstanz) stand in front of the ISC Konstanz building. Dr. Kristian Peter presents Dr. Peter Fath with a mini module as a thank you for RCT's donation of 55,000 euros

Working together for the new building at ISC Konstanz e.V.: from left: Dr. Peter Fath (Managing Director of RCT Holding GmbH), Dr. Radovan Kopecek and Dr. Kristian Peter (both board members of ISC Konstanz e.V.)

Thanks to the donation from our long-standing partner RCT Holding, we are one step closer to our new building.

RCT Holding GmbH is an investment and holding company that founds companies in the field of renewable energies worldwide and builds them up through investments with subsidiaries in Constance. RCT Power develops solar storage systems and inverters with the highest levels of efficiency in Constance. RCT Solutions plans and installs solar factories, from the basic raw material quartz to the finished PV module.
We have been working closely with RCT for over 10 years in the development and planning of industrial technology and in supporting international customer projects. “I conducted research on solar cells at the University of Constance over 30 years ago with some of the researchers from ISC Konstanz,” says the founder and Managing Director of RCT Holding, Dr. Peter Fath. “Then, as now, our aim was to develop technology that solar cell manufacturers could produce directly. Today, we plan and develop factories and the ISC helps with its practical expertise. It’s a great collaboration when you’ve known each other for so long.” Manuela Fath, spokesperson for RCT Holding, adds: “The renewal of the research center is important for Constance and for us. So that we can continue to bring top products for the energy transition from Constance to the world tomorrow.”
After 18 years of intensive operation, our research center is in need of renovation and technical failures are increasingly costing valuable time. “We can’t afford delays,” says project manager Rudolf Harney, “because the energy transition can’t wait.”
We can only realize the new building for a sunny future with the help of a strong community of supporters. The fundraising campaign has already won over the first companies to support the new building project – and now RCT Holding is also part of the community of supporters! You can find an overview of the donors here and more information about the campaign on the donation page.
Many thanks to RCT! Together, we are making progress in the energy transition and strengthening the solar industry – in Constance, in Germany and globally.