As part of the Back Contact Workshop 2023 in Hameln, we were able to celebrate halm’s donation to ISC Konstanz. Klaus Ramspeck received the certificate and an inscribed ZEBRA module from ISC on behalf of halm.

Klaus Ramspeck (halm), Radovan Kopecek and Andreas Halm (both ISC Konstanz) celebrate halm's donation at the Back Contact Workshop in Hamelin. Andreas Halm presents a laminated module and a donation receipt.

ISC presents a laminated module and a donation receipt for a donation of 50,000 euros. from left to right: Klaus Ramspeck (halm elektronik gmbh), Dr. Radovan Kopecek and Andreas Halm (both ISC Konstanz e.V.)

Another important step towards our new ISC research laboratory: halm donated 25,000 euros in cash and also an upgrade of the module flasher worth a further 25,000 euros. This will enable us to finance the costs of the new building and work with state-of-the-art equipment in the new laboratory. Many thanks to our friends at halm! The Modulflasher will then be located in the hall in construction phase 0 (“Bauphase 0”) – in the new halm laboratory.
The application for construction phase 0 has been submitted for the new building. We are planning to start the first work at the beginning of the year: with a construction in the existing hall, we can quickly and cost-effectively expand the printing room, systems lab and module lab and create space in the existing building for renovation work and a larger clean room. This allows us to renovate and rebuild without interruption – to work even better for the energy transition.
Would you like to find out more about our new building project? Here you can find more information or feel free to write to me!

Aerial view and sketch of construction phases ("Bauphase") 0 and 1 of the ISC Konstanz and the new site

Existing laboratory and new building with construction phases 0 and 1: from the beginning of next year, we want to start work in the left part of the existing building.