We restructured our board of directors and established new departments. The aim of the measures is to simplify and promote cooperation between the departments, to prepare the organization for future tasks, and to strengthen innovation.

As education is to become a new focus of the ISC, we have established the Strategy and Education department, headed by Dr. Radovan Kopecek. The Industrial Cooperation and Novel Solar Cells departments were merged into the Solar Cells department, led by Lejo Joseph. The Quality Management department became the Laboratory – Solar Cells department, headed by chemist Dr. Florian Buchholz. The Solar Modules department is led by Andreas Halm. Dr. Kristian Peter heads the Energy Systems department, and the Administration department is headed by Petra Weber (formerly Hoffmann).

Dr. Florian Buchholz and Andreas Halm were newly elected to the Executive Board. Both have been working for the ISC for more than 15 years and are familiar with the organizational processes as department heads. The founding members and board members of the first hour Dr. Kristian Peter (chairman), Dr. Radovan Kopecek and Dr. Peter Fath were confirmed for the next two years. As before, Dr. Fath will only act in an advisory role. Petra Weber remains Managing Director and is responsible for the daily business together with the operative Executive Board.

The previous board member and managing director Rudolf Harney is devoting himself to operational work and fundraising with immediate effect at his own request. He explains: “My colleagues combine fresh energy with continuity. With the new leadership, we are well positioned and ready for the challenges ahead. I am looking forward to leading the fundraising area for the new ISC Lab and to working on projects again. One focus will be the LIBERTAS study on the re-emergance of the solar industry in Germany and Europe.”