At the International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz e.V. (ISC Konstanz), the annual advisory board meeting took place on 20 October 2021, with around 20 advisory board members from research and industry, and the general meeting on 21 October 2021.

The following people will continue to be members of the Executive Board of Directors for the next two years:

Rudolf Harney, Radovan Kopecek, Peter Fath and Kristian Peter.

Andreas Halm and Florian Buchholz complete the Management Directors Board, which is now composed as follows:

Certified Business Economist Petra Hoffmann (Research Administration Department), Dipl.-Phys. Rudolf Harney (Industrial Solar Cell Development Department), Dr. Radovan Kopecek (Future Solar Cell Concepts Department), Dr. Kristian Peter (Energy Systems Department), Dipl.-Phys. Andreas Halm (joined the Management Board a year ago and heads the Solar Module Development Department) and Dr. Florian Buchholz (new to the Management Board and heads the Quality Management Department).

Dr. Eckard Wefringhaus is leaving the Executive Board and the management at his own request and from now on will be working in research administration on, among other things, drafting contracts with cooperation partners and customers.

The ISC Konstanz was founded in 2005 by former employees of the University of Konstanz and today employs over 60 people with an annual turnover of about 6 million euros. The institute makes solar energy fit for the future. It spreads the use of solar energy through targeted research and the development of increasingly powerful solar modules and the transfer of knowledge to manufacturers of solar cells and solar modules worldwide. In addition, total energy systems are developed, which is why topics such as PV systems, fuel cells, smart grids and storage, building energy technology and electromobility are the subject of current developments.

Following a decision by the general meeting, the statutes now also explicitly address climate protection.

In this context, the ISC Konstanz has set itself the goal of becoming a CO2 neutral company within 5 years. The ISC Konstanz is also a supporting organisation for regional development policy on One World issues and is involved in development cooperation in various regions of the global South.