Solar Technology for the Future Made in Constance

TOPCon and TBC: ISC Konstanz e.V. has received two new orders for the transfer of current n-type solar technologies, and a third is about to be concluded. We were able to further consolidate our positioning: ISC Konstanz is becoming more and more known as a developer of advanced technologies that can be used in modern solar cell and module factories. Our major goal for the coming years is to establish production in Europe.

The license agreement between the Italian solar manufacturer FuturaSun and ISC Konstanz is signed at the EU PVSEC solar conference in Lisbon

The license agreement between Italian solar manufacturer FuturaSun and ISC Konstanz is signed at the EU PVSEC solar conference in Lisbon. From left to right: Dr. Radovan Kopecek (Executive Board ISC Konstanz), Alessandro Barin (CEO FuturaSun) and Dr. Florian Buchholz (Executive Board ISC Konstanz). © ISC Konstanz e.V.

We were represented at EU PVSEC 40 in Lisbon with 18 scientists – for scientific, business and economic policy exchange in the industry. At the same time, our team was pleased to announce a crucial business deal: board members Dr. Radovan Kopecek and Dr. Florian Buchholz signed a license agreement with Italian solar manufacturer FuturaSun for 1 GWp of the poly-ZEBRA technology developed at ISC. The bifacial “poly-ZEBRA” IBC solar cell achieves peak efficiencies of 25 percent and more. The IBC technology can be manufactured very cost-effectively on commercially available production equipment. Since the contacts are screen-printed with copper, we have succeeded in saving three quarters of the silver compared to standard processes. FuturaSun will initially produce the solar cells in China, as production in Europe is not possible due to the current market situation. However, module production is planned in Italy.

Already at the beginning of September, ISC Konstanz was able to agree with an Indian company on the introduction of the state-of-the-art TOPCon solar technology in a factory in western India. Together with German machine builders, we have now established a leading technological position. We are known for our modern and application-oriented engineering and for our experience in transferring new technologies into production. The ISC Konstanz cooperates with many local partners, for example, the ISC develops joint offers for solar manufacturers with German mechanical engineering companies.

Photovoltaics: The oil of the future

One goal of the ISC and its German partners is to establish large-scale, modern and cost-effective production in Germany and other European countries. The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) is also aware of this: On behalf of the BMWK, the ISC, together with the Constance-based solar specialist RCT Solutions GmbH and the Photovoltaic Production Systems Association of the vdma, is preparing the highly regarded LIBERTAS study. It examines how the entire value chain of the solar industry can be brought back to Germany and Europe. The Corona crisis and Ukraine war have shown the need to reduce Europe’s dependence in critical areas such as chip manufacturing and energy imports. Photovoltaics is a key technology, described by many industry experts as the oil of the future. The expansion targets are enormous.

Dr. Radovan Kopecek, co-founder and board member: “We did it! For me, this was the highlight of the EU PVSEC conference and exhibition in Lisbon. FuturaSun and ISC Konstanz have joined forces and signed a contract to bring the ‘holy grail’ of silicon cell technology – the bifacial back-contact solar cell with passivating contacts – into production, and at low cost. The Cu screen-printed bifacial polyZEBRA will revolutionize the PV industry in terms of low-cost ‘double-poly’ solar cells with cell efficiencies of over 25 percent. We are certain that this technology will also conquer the market for large-scale systems in the future.