April 13 – 16, 2021 in Berlin, Germany


We have chosen this date just before the SiliconPV/nPV conference in Hameln to give participants from abroad the opportunity to plan their travel accordingly and attend both events.

Similar to the previously organised workshops such as the metallisation workshop (MIW) in 2008 (miworkshop.info), nPV in 2011 (nPV-workshop.com) and bifiPV in 2012 (bifiPV-workshop.com), we believe that it is now time to launch the tandemPV workshop to initiate discussions at all levels on the promising tandem solar cell technologies and to bring together the perovskite technology community and the silicon solar cell industry.

We aim for a hybrid on-site and online workshop. If the Covid 19 situation requires it, we will switch to a fully online workshop. For more details on the scope of the event, please see the flyer linked below (PDF).

Please save the date and either come to Berlin in person or join the workshop online to help shape the future of tandem PV technology.

Flyer Tandem Workshop