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Our Goals


Research for a Sunny Future

At ISC Konstanz, we are convinced that eco-friendly and renewable energy sources will make fossil and nuclear energies obsolete in the near future and that photovoltaics will play a crucial role in this process. This is why our research aims to ensure that photovoltaics will reach its full potential.


Supporting Photovoltaics Research

The main goals of our research are reducing the production costs of solar-generated electricity and increasing the energy conversion efficiency of solar cells. In order to make solar cells produce even more electricity in the future, we are constantly improving their efficiency. We also perform life-cycle assessments in order to find more eco-friendly production methods. Furthermore, we support research in photovoltaics by training qualified scientists and engineers.


Widening the Application of Photovoltaics

Our research serves to expand the application of photovoltaics: by ensuring increasing conversion efficiencies and reduced costs of solar electricity, we support the widespread use of solar energy. We organise regular information events and guided tours of our institute to educate energy consumers about the advantages of solar energy.


Strengthening Development Cooperation

Solar energy can help to solve many social issues in developing countries. We support development cooperation by reusing solar modules from our research projects and setting them up in developing countries. Together with other organisations and public sponsors, we are involved in numerous small projects in Africa and Asia. Our solar technology provides permanent electricity and fresh water supplies for hospitals, schools and entire villages.