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12.08.17 | 08:49 Uhr | Alter: 338 Tage

AtaMoS TeC has won the CORFO grant in Chile: ISC Konstanz to set up an R&D center in Antofagasta


YES!!! We got the grant! After more than 5 years convincing work in Chile the Government finally decided to set up a desert module and system technology center with help of ISC Konstanz.

AtaMoS TeC will be set up with the lead of University of Antofagasta according to the model of ISC Konstanz. Other partners involved in the 5 years project are SERC, CEA INES and FhG Chile and many industrial partners including Enel, Colbún, Mondragón and Cintac.  

So let´s copy/paste our institute to Chile and create the PV future in this great country with highest PV potential on this planet!