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05.02.16 SLAK5: our EduSol project participants are back from Cameroon

SLAK5 EduSol project was successfully finalized. Now all pictures and data will be collected and reviewed for several internal meetings and public presentations.

03.02.16 Cross-Cluster-Meeting - "Tesla in Konstanz" mobility, storage technology and photovoltaics

ISC Konstanz was a part of discussions about electromobility, storage and photovoltaics together with Tesla.  

Read the German Press Release


03.02.16 Even greener solar power on the way: ISC Konstanz in H2020 Project EcoSolar

Europe wants to reduce its needs for raw materials and raise the level of recycling of resources in the solar power industry. If this project is successful, greenhouse gas emissions from solar panel manufacture will fall by 25 to...

30.01.16 Newest ISC´s brochure online: photovoltaic research for energy transition

With this brochure in German and English we do not only want to gain additional partners for research and development but also want to generally inform the public about the importance of photovoltaics within the energy transition...

20.01.16 SLAK5 started: "our 6 people" are in Cameroon and soon in the rain forest

The EduSol series continues with SLAK5.

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