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17.10.17 Stella Vie wins World Solar Car Challenge 2017

Stella Vie was, as almost every year, supported by ISC Konstanz with measurements and sorting of sunpower´s  IBC solar cells and has won the Australian Solar Car Challenge 2017:...

01.10.17 ISC Konstanz has started 3 new BMWi projects this year

ISC Konstanz has started RefinedPV, TuKaN and FlexFab projects in the solar cell departments. RefinedPV and TuKaN are dedicated to innovative metallisation technologies based on standard screen printing and ink-jet printing....

15.09.17 The new EUREC project brochure 2017 is out

The new EUREC brochure 2017 is out. As every year EUREC has collected and printed information about projects that are run by EUREC members. You can read and learn about the selected projects from EUREC members here: download...

12.09.17 ISC´s company outing 2017

Today we have been all OOO and practiced some team building in Switzerland. First we visited an observatory and then a chocolate factory. After the stressful day we ended barbecuing and drinking beer. PROST and a successful...

12.08.17 AtaMoS TeC has won the CORFO grant in Chile: ISC Konstanz to set up an R&D center in Antofagasta

YES!!! We got the grant! After more than 5 years convincing work in Chile the Government finally decided to set up a desert module and system technology center with help of ISC Konstanz.

AtaMoS TeC will be set up with the lead...

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