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15.10.16 First test of Phenix Eolian: ISC Konstanz donated the bifacial solar cells

ISC Konstanz has donated bifacial solar cells for the solar car “Phenix Eolian”, which were processed during the development together with BOSCH Solar. Last year Andreas Schneider also visited University of Chile to teach the...

20.08.16 EMISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Naveen visits ISC Konstanz with his eTuk-Tuk traveling vom India to England

Naveen Rabelli is from February 2016 on his way from India to England- with an eTuk-Tuk equipped with solar panels. He still needs charging of course and this is also why he visited us yesterday. It was great to meet Naveen and...

01.08.16 Modules for Nigeria: ISC Konstanz collects modules in stock for this donation

We are collecting and measuring 40 modules with a total power of ca. 9kWp to be donated to Nigeria for a Daughters of Divine love CHARITY home which is a home for the less privileged, abandoned children, and those with...

31.07.16 Expansion of ISC Konstanz: innovative inline wet bench in new building

Within the Baden Württemberg sponsored project INES we were able to modernize our inline RENA wet-bench, in order to be able to develop newest solar cell concepts with updated wet chemistry equipment. The room is being prepared...

20.07.16 HERCULES workshop in October 10 and 11 in Berlin

The large EU FP7 project HERCULES will end this year. During a workshop we plan to disseminate the great results and to connect to the rest n-type PV world. The draft workshop program is found on the HERCULES web-site:...

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