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07.08.18 Pedro is 10 as well

Our technician Pedro is since 10 years at ISC Konstanz involved mostly in screen printing and module technology. Thank you Perdo for your contribution.

25.07.18 BBQ at ISC Konstanz: sometimes you have to party

At least once in a year you have to celebrate with your dedicated team. We do it during summer and for x-Mas. This year we have organized a BBQ with our people. The hot summer was just perfect for that.

19.07.18 Now we celebrate Andreas: 10 years at ISC Konstanz

Our module department leader is Andreas is 10 years at ISC Konstanz. Thank you Andi and keep up the great work.   

19.07.18 Valentin is 10 years at ISC Konstanz

Our n-type group leader Valentin is now 10 years At ISC Konstanz. He is the head behind our bifacial sola cell concepts BiSoN and ZEBRA. Thank you Valentin for your great inventions! Hope you stay at least 10 more years at ISC!

17.07.18 Lake of Konstanz PV-gang: 1st meeting

DHBW, HTWG, ZHAW and ISC Konstanz met in the “Beach-Bar” to discuss possible cooperations to support the local companies involved in renewable energies around of Lake of Konstanz....

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