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22.09.18 Our new progress report 2018/2019 is out!

We work very hard to improve our technology to spread clean energy in the world. This report summarizes our improvement on our core technologies such as bifaciality, BiSoN, ZEBRA, Th-e BOX, AtaMo, MoBiDiG and other. It can be...

18.09.18 BMWi visits ISC Konstanz

Mr. Bruchmann for BMWi visited us today to discuss his next R&D framework program. He was positively surprised what ISC Konstanz achieved with a relatively small group of scientists. We are very proud on our achievements and...

13.09.18 Visit at DoE in Washington

ISC Konstanz visited the Solar-Group of Department of Energy in Washington. There were positive vibrations between us sharing the same ideology. We will evaluate how we could collaborate in future. The presentation about “next...

11.09.18 bifiPV2018 in Denver was a huge success

We just finalized bifiPV2018 in Denver. A record for our workshops was broken: 170 visitors discussed with us the future of bifacial PV. All were convinced that bifacial tracking will enter the US market from 2019 with a huge...

04.09.18 10 years at ISC: Joachim, Nicola and Florian

Thank you all for your great jobs! 

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