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12 August 2017 AtaMoS TeC has won the CORFO grant in Chile: ISC Konstanz to set up an R&D center in Antofagasta

YES!!! We got the grant! After more than 5 years convincing work in Chile the Government finally decided to set up a desert module and system technology center with help of ISC Konstanz.

AtaMoS TeC will be set up with the lead...

5 August 2017 ISC Konstanz at EUPVSEC 2017

Visit us during the EUPVSEC 2017 in Amsterdam in September 25-29 at our booth C1.

27 Juli 2017 SONO MOTORS to bring out first solar-car prototype with assistance of ISC Konstanz

SONO MOTORS ( have released their prototype solar car. ISC Konstanz assisted with implementing the solar cells into the car body. In future we hope that our ZEBRA cells will be included.

If you are interested...

25 Juni 2017 Association work of ISC Konstanz members

From time to time we live the association life. Members of ISC Konstanz, with the coordination of Kristian, came this Saturday and repaired whatever they found broken. LONG LIVE ISC KONSTANZ!!!

13 April 2017 ISC Konstanz and SERIS develop first 60 6-inch cell IBC glass-glass module

The Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) has developed the world’s first full-sized Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) bifacial solar module using International...

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