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10 April 2018 Annette is 10 :)

Annette is now 10 years at ISC Konstanz. We are happy to have you!

17 März 2018 Zih-Wei at Silicon PV explains the benefits of Al contacted nPERT

Zih-Wei’s PhD thesis is very successful. He has developed an n-PERT Al-contacted rear emitter process (so called “MoSoN”) with an efficiency close to 22% having a Voc of close to 690mV! This could be a very promising cell concept...

13 März 2018 Joris at PV Cell Tech explains the future of PV cells and modules

ISC Konstanz was invited to PV Cell Tech to summarize our thoughts on next generation solar cells and how bifaciality will help to reduce the LCOE of a PC system. The presentation can be downloaded here.  

3 März 2018 Our staff in the middle of BiSoN ramp-up at adani

Yes we can!! Our people have fun to transfer our bifacial solar cell technology to adani. BiSoN will  help adani to benefit from bifacial high power low cost technology.

22 Februar 2018 Prof Bucher invites his PhD students for lunch

Prof Bucher invited old and young PhD students for lunch to discuss progress in their PhD thesis and in PV. Thank you Ernst!!   

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