Our Research Administration Department is managed by Petra Hoffmann. One of this department's primary tasks is to supervise our ongoing projects as well as their finances and corresponding contracts. In addition, it ensures that our daily business is run smoothly and establishes the conditions necessary for ISC Konstanz's innovative research activities.

Dr Eckard Wefringhaus is the head of our Quality Management Department, which ensures the stability of running processes and conducts several baseline solar cell runs on a regular basis for both p-type and n-type substrates.

Rudolf Harney runs the Industrial Solar Cells Department. This department optimises standard solar cells in close cooperation with our industrial partners.

Dr Radovan Kopecek manages the Advanced Cell Concepts Department. Participating in many bilateral and publicly funded projects, this department develops, for instance, bifacial, n-type and back-contact solar cells. Within this department, the n-Type Solar Cells group is headed by Dr Valentin Mihailetchi. The group Passivated Contacts is led by Jan Lossen.

Andreas Halm is leading the the Module Development Department. In its research projects, the department places an especially great emphasis on replacing soldering processes with gluing processes. Module tests, which are conducted in our laboratories as well as in outdoor facilities, also represent an important part of this department's activities. ISC Konstanz is currently setting up a testing site in El Gouna (Egypt).

Dr Kristian Peter is the head of our Systems and Applications Department. This department aims to support the distribution of photovoltaics in a wide range of applications, such as hybrid modules or fa├žade modules, and to develop further components, such as storage devices, that are necessary for photovoltaic-powered systems. The Education and Development Cooperation team is part of this department. It uses systems designed by the department for rural electrification projects in developing countries and supports solar education abroad in many ways.