MultiscaleSolar (Multiscale in Modelling and Validation for Solar Photovoltaics)


This Action combines theoretical and experimental expertise in industry and academia benefitting the European Research Area. The Action actively addresses gender issues and favours early-stage researchers by helping them develop their scientific and management skills. This is the first project to yield validated multiscale understanding of nanostructure properties for optoelectronic applications, with a focus on third-generation photovoltaics.


Nanostructures show unique tunable material properties with proven major potential for state-of-the-art optoelectronics. Exploiting them for the challenging implementation of next-generation solar cell architectures requires novel multiscale-modelling and characterisation approaches that capture both the peculiar features at nanoscale and their impact on the optoelectronic performance at device levels.

To foster progress towards such approaches, MultiscaleSolar creates a new network of experts. This network defragments knowledge by combining existing research activities that address key issues in next-generation photovoltaics raised by academic and industrial end users. It provides quantum-mechanical descriptions of electronic, optical and vibrational properties in order to parametrise mesoscopic models for the dynamics of charge carriers, photons and phonons in nanostructures. This yields effective material parameters for use in macroscopic device-level models validated at each step by experiment.