The main objective of the FaiERA project is to reinforce the scientific and technological capacity of AIMEN in the field of laser microprocessing of materials. It is aimed to upgrade RTD capacity of the Laser Applications Centre of AIMEN by hiring new researchers, training the research staff, and improving the research management and scientific equipment. In addition, the quality of the research carried out will be improved by better integration with the European Research Area through the collaboration with research centres of excellence.


AIMEN has defined four Strategic Research Fields addressed by the FaiERA project:

  • SRF1. Generation of multifunctional surfaces: Improvement of surface/medium interaction, like tribological behaviour, hydrodynamic behaviour, surface tension modification (anti-ice and self-cleaning surfaces), corrosion improvement, etc.
  • SRF2. Generation of biocompatible surfaces: Improvement of cell/surface interaction.
  • SRF3. Surface functionalisation of textiles and fibre-based composites: Antibacterial surfaces, conductive patterns, etc.
  • SRF4. Laser-induced structures for high-efficiency semiconductor devices: Photovoltaic and microelectronic devices, sensors, etc.

ISC Konstanz is supporting the SRF4 activities.