Dr Kristian Peter - Chairman of the Executive Board, Managing Director Applications and Systems

Dr Kristian Peter obtained his Master of Science degree in Physics in 1993 at the University of Konstanz. He also successfully pursued his PhD in the area of crystalline thin film solar cells at the Chair of Applied Solid State Physics of Prof. Dr Bucher in 1997.

Since 1997, he has been responsible for the further development of crystalline silicon solar cells as well as the acquisition of financing projects as a group and project leader.

Since 2002, Dr Kristian Peter has considerably contributed to the development of the metallurgical silicon refinement for photovoltaics at Elkem Solar (Norway) by the characterisation of the wafers.

He is a founding member of ISC Konstanz and the Speaker of the Executive Board. Since January 2007, Dr Peter has been the manager of the Applications and Systems Department. He is also responsible for the utilisation of the IP (Intellectual Property) generated at ISC Konstanz.

e-mail: kristian.peter(at)isc-konstanz.de
phone: +49-7531-36 18 3-65
fax: +49-7531-36 18 3-11