Prof. Dr Ernst Bucher

Dr Ernst Bucher studied Mathematics and Physics at the ETH Zürich and obtained his Doctorate in 1963 with distinction (summa cum laude).
In the period 1963-1966, he was employed as a researcher at the University of Geneve, Switzerland.
In the following years, Dr Ernst Bucher worked as a member of technical staff at Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, USA.
In 1974-2002, he held a professorship at the Chair of Applied Solid State Physics of the University of Konstanz, and simultaneously served as a director of the "Center II for Solar Energy" (1978-1994).
He also worked as a scientific advisor at ZSW, HMI, FORSOL, Höchst and Bell Laboratories.
He research focus lies in Si and a-Si  photovoltaics, new compound semiconductors, solar thermal energy systems, hydrogen storage systems, and general material sciences for alternative energies.
Since his retirement, he has been working as an independentl scientific and technical advisor for several companies in Switzerland, Germany, the USA, South Africa and Latin America.

e-mail: ernst.bucher(at)
phone: +49-7531-36 18 3-0
fax: +49-7531-36 18 3-11