The Two Photovoltaic Installations at ISC Konstanz


"ISC-Sonnendach" Rooftop Installation (12,3 kWp since 2012)

The flat roof PV system on top of our building is shared by the members of ISC-Sonnendach GbR, a private partnership founded by twenty-six employees of ISC Konstanz. In their modest way, each of them now contributes to the energy turnaround's success. ISC Konstanz rents the roof out to the partnership:


Recycled Installation from Pellworm (6,9 kWp since 2008)

Our own photovoltaic installation consists of 100% recycled Si-solar cells from the large PV installation on the island Pellworm! The figure below shows that our façade system matches up very well to the rooftop installation in wintertime. In summer, however, the façade system suffers losses because of mutual shading. However, the shadow cast by the modules also offers an advantage, as the shading of the building's walls prevents the inside from heating up and thus saves energy that would otherwise be needed for air conditioning.


Comparison of the Rooftop Installation and the Façade System (Recycled Installation) in 2012

Weather-Related Fluctuations