Legal Aspects

The official name of our organisation is International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz e.V. The organisation has been recognised as a non-profit association by the Konstanz Fiscal Authority and it has been inscribed into the Register of Associations by Amtsgericht Konstanz (the lower regional court of Konstanz).

Five Members of the Executive Board are currently leading our association. They are elected by the general assembly, which consists of our active members (private persons). Our supporting members (enterprises) form an Advisory Board that advises the Executive Board. The heads of our five departments collectively manage the daily operations of our research institute.

The association's main objective is the promotion of research and development in solar energy. Our further objectives are the active promotion of the use of solar energy and a commitment to development aid.

Following the subsequent links, you can view our Statutes as well as the Financial & Membership Regulations of ISC Konstanz (both in German). The documents were accepted by the Fiscal Authority in charge.

ISC Konstanz e.V.
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 15
78467 Konstanz
Tel. +49-7531-36183-0
Fax +49-7531-36183-11

Amtsgericht Freiburg VR380834
USt-ID DE 249 711 603

Executive Board:
Dr. Kristian Peter (1st Chairman)
Dr. Radovan Kopecek (1st Deputy Chairman)
Dr. Eckard Wefringhaus (Finances)
Dipl. Phys. Rudolf Harney (Internal Organisation)
Dr. Peter Fath (Deputy)