Your Contribution

We are glad that you decided to participate! Here are some ways you can contribute to our solar projects:



Help us spread solar energy in developing countries!

Your contribution supports social facilities (schools, hospitals) and families with no or unreliable electricity. ISC plans and installs solar power systems together with local partners. Subsequently, the local population receives training in maintenance and repair.

All donations are highly appreciated!


Module sponsorship

As a module sponsor you adopt a specific solar module to be installed in one of our projects of your choice (i.e. in Cameroon or India). This module will help to bring electrical light in the life of one family, school or health station and thus enhance the quality of life of the end users.

With just 200 Euro your module sponsorship can be accomplished. This sum will contribute to the acquisition of further electronic and installation materials, as well as transport. After the completion of the project you will receive a photograph taken of your installed module on site together with its beneficiaries!

Please note, that at the moment we have no projects with module sponsorship in the pipeline! Instead you can send your donation for our next project in Cameroon...

For more information please contact monika.sarkadi(at)


Project sponsorship

As a project sponsor you support a particular project, under which the ISC Konstanz design and install a solar system for a village or a social institution in a developing country. You will always be informed about the current state. After completion of the project we will send you pictures of your project on site.

You become a project sponsor by accepting the cost of the solar project. We are happy to propose a suitable project, or you tell us a desired institution.

Please contact us for further details!


Donation of material

We are also happy about donations of material for the projects!

 Helpful are for example:

  • PV modules
  • Batteries
  • Power electronics (charge controller, inverter)
  • Other accessories (cables, screws, tools, ...)
  • Packaging material, pallets for shipping
  • Water purification system
  • Transport 

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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