Dr. Radovan Kopecek - Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Managing Director Advanced Cell Concepts I

Dr. Radovan Kopecek, born in Brno (former Czechoslovakia), obtained his Diploma in Physics at the University of Stuttgart in 1998, researching superconductive fullerides. In addition, he studied at Portland State University (Oregon, USA) for one year, where he obtained a Master of Science in 1995. Towards the end of his studies in Stuttgart, he worked at the Max-Planck-Institut (MPI) and afterwards at the Institute of Physical Electronics (IPE) as a research assistant in the field of crystalline Si for PV applications. He joined Professor Ernst Bucher’s Konstanz-based group in 1998 in order to write his PhD dissertation on the topic of thin film silicon solar cells, which he completed in November 2002.

Until the end of 2006, he headed several national and international projects at the University of Konstanz as a group leader. These projects focused on silicon feedstock and the development of crystalline Si thin film n-type solar cells.

One of the founders of ISC Konstanz, Dr. Kopecek has been working at the institute as a full time manager and researcher since January 2007, and is currently the leader of the Advanced Solar Cells I department. He is responsible for several European and national research projects that revolve around silicon feedstock and around the development of solar cells, with a focus on n-type devices. Further, Dr. Kopecek has been teaching the basics of PV at the DHBW in Friedrichshafen since 2012.

e-mail: radovan.kopecek(at)isc-konstanz.de
phone: +49-7531-36 18 3-22
fax: +49-7531-36 18 3-11