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Module donations for external projects

Besides our own projects carried out jointly with local partners, we also support external projects of other organisations by donating solar modules and offering our technical expertise.



ISC Konstanz donated in August 2016  40 solar modules for the electrification of the Charity Home of the Congregation Daughters of Divine Love in Enugu, Nigeria. This home was first established in 1986 by the nuns as a soup kitchen and provides assistence for abandoned or disabled children. These children receive wholesome meals and find a safe refuge in the home. The nuns also see to it, that the children regularly go to school in order to learn for a better future.


Burkina Faso

The Swiss NGO Solafrique (former Soleil Burkina) is committed to the promoting of solar energy applications in Burkina Faso in a commercially sustainable way. In 2015 ISC Konstanz supported these initiatives with a donation of 9 solar modules for the electrification of a newly established solar workshop in Bobo-Dioulasso designed to train technicians and solar mechanics.

In 2016 we donated another 22 modules for various small development projects of Solafrique, such as the electrification of the parochial house in Kouentou (alphabetisation), the educational center in Guenon, the district school Emmaus in Bobo and further projects in Dinderesso, Sondgo und Colsama.



The Chilean NGO Desafío Levantemos Chile has a rural electrification initiative in North Chile called Iluminemos el Altiplano for remote communities in the Andes, a great number of which belong to the indigenous Aymara people. The project also encompasses the dissemination of information on photovoltaics among the local population through a story book in Aymara language explaining this technology as well as through interactive workshops for students and their parents. ISC Konstanz supported the electrification of schools, a kindergarten and a post office in the communities of Sibaya, Chusmiza, Laonzana and Sotoca with a total number of 63 solar modules. The modules were acquired from Tenesol (TOTAL) and EMVEE.



In Nicaragua ISC Konstanz contributed to a rural electrification project of the German company Rio Solar in cooperation with the Universidad Nacional Agraria (UNA) in Managua in the three villages of Las Jaguas, Orocuina and El Espinal. The installation of solar modules is to ameliorate the quality of life of about 30 families. In 2013 ISC Konstanz gave a total of 26 120-Watt solar modules for this project.



The German NGO Aids-Hilfe Malawi e.V. is dedicated to helping AIDS-victims in Malawi by building and equipping small health centers in remote villages. In 2013 ISC Konstanz supported this scheme with six solar modules for a dispensary in Chenyama.



The German NGO Lebenshilfe für Afrika e.V. is committed to helping the vast number of orphans in Tanzania to help themselves through the construction of schools, dispensaries as well as through the amelioration of the access to safe drinking water. 50 solar modules contributed by ISC Konstanz were installed between 2011-2014 for two dispensaries, a convent and a parochial house in the communities of Chala and Kala.