SLAK 5 - EduSol Cameroon

An education and development cooperation project of ISC Konstanz e.V.  -  in Cameroon

Project description

The villages Botbadjang and Ndambog are located in the rainforest of Cameroon with no connection to the national grid. In order to contribute to better conditions for education, ISC Konstanz installed photovoltaic systems to support the primary school in Ndambog and the vocational training school in Botbadjang together with students of the Dual College Baden-Württemberg in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Electricity now supplies lighting and current for educational devices. The vocational school students also received a training in solar energy and maintenance. The German students played a very important role in these trainings and had been previously prepared by our ISC team for their role as multiplicators. Both schools received self-made didactic material for a continuous solar education.

People in charge

Paul Ngwé

Monika Sarkadi

Technical manager 

Project coordinator

Project data


Botbadjang/ Ndambog, Sanaga-Maritime Department, Littoral Province, Cameroon

Geographical position

2°31'05.44''S, 35°36'34.86''E

Type of installation

off-grid photovoltaic systems

Time of installation

January 2016

Peak power installed

1.6 kWp

Use of energy

electricity for lighting and devices

Project costs

47 000 Euro

Source of financing

Louis Leitz Stiftung, BOSCH eBike Systems, Hand-in-Hand-Fonds, Stiftung Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit, Deutsches Stiftungszentrum

Project partners

Communities of Botbadjang and Ndambog, ELPC, Dual College Baden-Württemberg in Friedrichshafen


trained villagers, ELPC

Number of beneficiaries

about 400 villagers